I. General Provisions

1. With the purpose of firm implementation the spirit of National Conference of International Students,widening coverage and enhancing the influence of Chinese Government Scholarship, cultivation of more excellent international talents with Chinese knowledge and Chinese friendship, China Scholarship Council sets up the “Excellent Scholarship for International Students Studying in China” in order to encourage them to study diligently, enterprise studiously,and enhance the comprehensive level of study in NUIST.

2.Postgraduates and undergraduates who have been studying at NUIST for one academic year and above can apply for the scholarship.

3. The scholarship is assessed by adhering to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality.

II. Scholarship Categories

There is a one-time reward of 18000 RMB/per person for undergratuate students; a one-time reward of 30000 RMB/per psrson for graduate students;

III. Application Criteria

1. Having excellent academic performances, with strong ability to learn and research.

2. Showing affection and good attitude towards China and behave outstandingly .

3. Obeying the laws and regulations with physical and mental health and develop in an all-round way.Those who have made outstanding achievements will be given priority.

4.Actively take part in the extra-curriculum activities and social practices. 

5. Those with family financial difficulties will be given priority on equal terms.

IV. Application and Assessing

1. The scholarship assessment starts every May or June according to students’ performance in the previous academic year.

2. Required documents:

 You and ChinaOne article no less than 800 words with any title; personal Statement not limited to yourt study performance, scientific research, awards achieved at or outside university, participation in activities and social practices, overall performance in China, etc.);

.Study certificate;

. Transcript in the past academic year;

.Award Certificate (original and the copy);

.Publications(original and the copy);

.Recommendation Letter from the supervisor (for graduates) or from the class advisor (for undergraduates);

. credential concerning the the position as a student cadre or an association leader;

. Other supporting documents (news report of the applicant).

3. Applicants who passed the first round review can log in http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn and fill in the application form.

4. NUIST shall evaluate the application forms and documents and name the candidates of the scholarship. The candidates will be publicized (no less than one week) on campus before the names and application materials are reported to Secreariat of China Scholarship Council for final decision.

5. NUIST will organize a variety of activities to award the scholarship winners after the list of the winners is publicized. China Scholarship Council may consider to invite the winners to participate the series of social and culture activities of “Explore China”.