51st NUIST Annual Sport

The 51ST NUIST Annual Sports Meeting was held between the 3rd and 5th of November, 2021. The three-day event was packed with some interesting and scintillating moments. Students who were present or participated in the event enjoyed some good traditional Chinese music coupled with choreography from various student groups. The event began with a parade constituting various schools and faculties in NUIST. The team from CIS, comprising students of different nationalities, adorned in their formal traditional costumes to exhibit their culture, chanted their slogan in Chinese.

Day 1

Wednesday's Activities

The first day, after the opening ceremony, began with a series of sporting activities. Among the list of events on schedule with CIS Team participants were: 100m (Men and Girls), 400m for Men, Long jump (Men), High jump (Men), 1500m (Men) and 8*100 Medley.

Day 2

Thursday's Activities

The second day began with a series of field events and athletics. Among the list of events on schedule with CIS Team participants were: 200m (Men and Girls) (Relay), Discus (Men and Girls) (2kg) (1kg), Relay with Ball, Pull up and plank, Medicine ball and 4x100m (Men and Girls) 

Day 3

Friday's Activities

The third day which climaxed the entire event commenced with 200m (Men and Girls) (Finals), Shot Put and 4x400m (Men and Girls) events. 



The entire sporting event was climaxed with performances and displays from various student bodies. An awards ceremony at the end honoured outstanding athletes and schools. Given the success of our athletes in the men’s division, the CIS Men’s team took the 1st position in the overall college/school performance rank in the 51st Annual NUIST Sports Meeting.


This is how our top athletes fared