New Year Gala Show


On Thursday December 27, 2018, the CIS 2019 New Year Gala was held at the NUIST Students’ Activity Center. More than 30 minutes before the start of the event, the venue was packed with students awaiting this special once-a-year event.

The event started with an introduction by the 4 hosts of the gala: Zhang Xiaoyu (张笑宇), Radzhabali (Tajikistan), Yao Zhijun (姚治均), Kateryna (Ukraine).

Zhang Xiaoyu (张笑宇) is from the Jiangsu TV program “Joy in Jiangsu” which introduces foreigners’ life in Jiangsu and gives them a platform to show their talents.


Prof. Ma Tinghuai, Dean of CIS presented his New Year greetings and gave an opening speech.


Prof. Jiang Zhihong, Vice President of NUIST, made a speech and expressed her wishes for the New Year.


Then it was time for what we were all waiting for…let the show begin! See the pictures.

The show started with an energetic dance from the Art Department and CIS teachers. Their moves called for high cheers from the spectators.


Afterwards, there was an award ceremony for three CSC Scholarship awardees, namely, Rohan (Bangladesh), Daxelle (Burundi) and Angeline (Indonesia). The awards were given out by the Vice President of NUIST, Prof. Jiang Zhihong.


And..we were back to the performances.

The SEBATS were full of energy as always.


Everybody enjoyed a pleasant duet, sung by two beautiful ladies from NUIST Wuxi Campus, Sarker Alifnura(Bangladesh) and Drif Kholoud (Morocco). They performed the song ‘Let It Go’.


Next, Asian Can Rap proved to everybody that rap is possible in different languages at once. Loud cheers came from the hall throughout their rap performance and even after they finished.


Our CIS teachers are the prettiest, even when they are arguing with students. However, they showed another side of themselves and performed a song named “Under One Roof”. We really appreciate their dedication to the students’ future and we wish them good health and a splendid life with their family.


The RitMix team sent their congratulations to the students by demonstrating an acrobatic and stunning dance.


Have you ever witnessed the traditional Peacock Dance from Sri Lanka?!They brought vitality to the hall


Everybody had been waiting for the class performance, organized by Mucisian's society


Jingle Bell captivated everybody’s attention with their colorful and energetic dance, and music.


Chinese poetry got a big round of applause.


Spirited Indonesian students, INK Crew, danced to Indonesian and other popular songs.


Two sweet ladies from Zimbabwe performed a song, named “Top of the Mountain”.


Finally, it was time to award the “Most Popular Teacher of 2018”, “Most Popular Ayi of 2018” and “Most Popular Performances”.

The “Most Popular Teacher of 2018” was Mrs. Chelsea and “Most Popular Ayi of 2018” was Mrs. Ye!



Lastly, the “Most Popular Performances” of the day! In first place, INK Crew; in second place Asian Can Rap and in third place CIS Teachers’ team.




In the last days of each year, everyone thinks about their life, their achievements during the past year, and makes new plans for the next year. The beginning of a new year takes you one step closer to your dreams, giving you a perfect chance to start something new.

May this New Year bring you only its sparkles and lovely sides! May 2019 be the year where you will grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Happy New Year!