【Event】CIS Master Chef 2018


After 4 years of break, Domestic affairs Department (DAD) was at it again by gathering students to show up their skills on how to turn Chinese Agro products into a meal that can conquer an empty stomach. Only hours after publicizing the highly anticipated CIS Master Chef competition, a good number of students turned out and registered to participate in the competition.

Forty-five students offered to take up the challenge, from which fifteen groups of three persons each were formed. The competition was in three phases: Preliminary and Final round. The preliminary round was equally in two phases.


In the first phase of the preliminaries, DAD provided each Team with ingredients: eggs, bread, tomatoes, onion, green pepper and olive oil. Each team was to prepare a meal of their choice within 20. This stage was to see eight best teams proceed to preliminary two. Exactly 3 p.m., Saturday the 24th March 2018, all groups were present at Dorm 4 lobby to take on each other.

 It was hands on. A team of judges from DAD and various departments, spectators and passers-by alike watched with awe as the Chefs prepared it out. Aroma, taste, creativity and cleanliness were the factors upon which a team sailed through or failed on. Eventually, eight teams emerged the best, and got the clean bill of health to prepare for the second stage.




28th March 2018 was the D-day, says the Englishman. The Lobby was bedecked. Gold, silver and bronze trophies, [provided by CIS] sparkled the table awaiting the first, second and third positions respectively.  All eight Teams were gathered and got instructions from the hosts; Brandon J. and Sharon A. The Domestic Affairs Department coordinator, Laoshi Caroline, led a panel of four judges. The leaders and members of the Domestic affairs Department were in charge of coordination and supervision. Nothing was left to chance, as hygiene had to be prioritized.





In the second preliminary phase, each group brought its own ingredients and prepared a meal of their choice. The best four of the eight groups needed to proceed to the last and final stage. After the four judges had given their verdict on the aroma, taste, creativity and cleanliness of the food samples provided, the following teams were cleared to contest for the golden trophy:

Team 2 (Malina,Sulo, Dewni)

Team 5 (Silla,Rakibul, Kumer)

Team 8 (Ainura, Dinara, Gyuzal)

Team 15 (Sunit,Farid, Atira)



It is not done until it is done. DAD  provided a “Mystery Basket” later to be revealed as comprising of  rice, chicken, soya source, avocado, tomato just to mention but a few. Each of the four groups had to prepare a special dish using all the four main ingredients alongside the others.



When all was said and done, Miss Chelsea is announced the results: Team 15, led by Atira, emerged the 2018 CIS MASTERCHEFs. Team 8, 2, and 5 took the second, third and fourth positions respectively. Trophies and certificates were awarded after which the event ended with a group photo to serve memory in future.




In her remarks, the Coordinator of DAD, Miss Caroline, encouraged international student to take care of their kitchen when cooking, mind their safety and always keep clean in kitchen and the entire dormitory. Members of staff also attended the event from the Central Administration of NUIST.

“Coarse rice for food, water to drink, and the bended arm for a pillow – happiness may be enjoyed even in these.” (Confucius)


Till next time when DAD brings you another happy moment, CIS MASTER CHEF, ZAIJIAN!!










Author: Matthew 亚苏

Photographer: Annif Benstrong

Reviewer: Isaac Kwesi Nooni

Layout: Geraldi C Pamuji

Editor: Kenny Lim Kam Sian