【Lens of Poetry】Meteorological Pioneer: Tu Chang Wang (涂长望)




As I continue absorbing atmospheric sciences in NUIST,

Like morning dew I have come to pay you a brief visit.

You are among the founders of NUIST,

This profound reputation cannot go extinct.

Your input to meteorology is huge you deserve our respect.

NUIST is still rising high getting fame on the university ranks,

I am just using pen and paper trying to let you know.

I see your elegant statue behind the qixianglou (气象楼)

Even though your biography is hidden in Chinese characters.


In 1906 when you were born in Hubei Wuhan (湖北武汉),

Did your parents forecast your meteorological future?

Did they know that you will help shape the education structure?

From Shanghai University to London and Liverpool University,

You were swimming in academic excellency while embracing diversity.

Like an athlete pushing a weight,

You pushed weather services to the economic sector.

You championed long-term weather forecasts like a supercomputer.

How did you feel being the first director of China Meteorological Administration?

As you worked hard to establish a network of weather stations?

Empowering provinces with meteorological bureaus.

Surely, that responsibility is not acquired through “Yuan or Euros”.

What a right privilege given to a Chinese intellectual model.




You were not only a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences,

But also a notable member of the British Royal Society.

You produced a series of research papers,

Followed by a batch of well-known scholars.

You were also a Professor of geography,

I am glad you knew the difference between countries and continents.

And you discovered that weather knows no political boundary.


With your proposal,

The Institute of Advanced Meteorological Studies was raised.

Now, it is the beloved NUIST (南信大) after passing through name changes.

Professor Tu Chang Wang,

Research was so sweet to you like tanghulu ( 糖葫芦) to me.

That's why you were still publishing even when you became sick and blind.

Indeed you were patriotic and committed to the development of science.

At the age of 56, your flames of life were extinguished prematurely.

Your unlimited loyalty and noble quality is worthy of our deep memory.


Author: Edwin 陶艾德 Tadeyo

Reviewer: Kenny Lim Kam Sian

Picture source: Edwin Tadeyo & www.google.com.

Layout: Ayu Kusumaningtyas

Editor: Kenny Lim Kam Sian