【TGIF】How to start the semester right?



It is now time! The time to look forward to a new semester. Therefore let's start the semester in the most effective way. The most productive way to ensure success in class, such as learning and getting good grades - is to prepare early and often. Most students recognize the value of preparation in ensuring excellent class performance. Prepare for each class, each test and each assignment. Preparation, however, begins before the first reading assignment and first class. Prepare for the semester and you'll be off to a great start.


How do you start the semester right?


Write everything down.

Divide the notebook into sections for your to-do list, projects (stuff that takes more than a step or two to finish, research papers, departmental activities and so on), and notes. Keep that and a nice pen or mechanical pencil in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Carry it everywhere. Use it. Write down assignments, appointments, shopping lists, phone numbers, classroom numbers, everything and anything that crosses your mind.


"Organized doesn’t necessarily mean “clean”. Just keep a general system that helps you easily find things when you need them. Remember that you need ideas, too — write them down and keep them safe!"

Speak up.

Maybe you were shy. Stop that. When the professor asks a question, raise your hand — regardless of whether you know the answer or not. Give speeches in the student union and so on. Step forward whenever the opportunity arises. Give presentations in class, even if there’s an alternate assignment. Become a self-confident and able speaker.


Read for pleasure.

This means two things: 1) learn to find pleasure in the reading you’re assigned, and 2) read stuff that isn’t assigned. Pick a topic that interests you and check out a book a week from the library. Read 10 novels this semester. Read literary magazines. Cultivate a thirst for knowledge above and beyond the subject matter of your classes.


Set goals.

This is the most important one.What is it that would satisfy you as a person, if you achieve it this semester? What do you hope to get out of your classes? Make a list of goals, both short-term (this month, this semester, this class) and long-term (during university, over the next year and so on). Look at what you’re doing with your time; is it helping you reach those goals? Is it detracting you from them? Of course, not everything has to contribute to helping you reach your goals in life, but if too much of what you do today seems to be at odds with where you want to be tomorrow, it’s time to re-examine either your goals or your actions.


Find balance.

In the end of the week. Call home. Hang out. Play guitar. Schedule goofing off time, if you have to — you’re not only earning the right to waste time, but you need to if you’re to be at all successful. Remember, you’re here to grow as a person, and that means doing things that are personally satisfying even if they don’t come with a grade, paycheck, or certificate attached. Figure out now how to balance work and play, because it makes the journey easier.


Know yourself.

Learn your strengths and apply them. Learn your weaknesses and overcome them. College offers a unique time in your life when you can focus exclusively on self-improvement and personal development. Take advantage of it. Just believe in yourself and do everything in productive way! 


Go productive and Good luck!

Author: Ainura Sattarkhanova

Pictures provided by: Ainura Sattarkhanova

Reviewer: Williams Dannah

Layout: Wini Astrini

Editor: Kenny Lim Kam Sian