Spring Festival Visit for Working Staff and Students



On February 14th, the President of NUIST, Dr. Li Beiqun, Vice-President, Prof. Jin Xuan visited the working staff members and international students.

On the Spring Festival Eve, the happy and beautiful scene was taken on. In the morning, President Li Beiqun, Vice-President Jin Xuan visited different posts on campus, the Dormitories, School Offices, Electricity Center, etc. When they arrived, they shook hands with the working staff members, talked with them, got familiar with their work and life, and expressed their good wishes of spring festival.

NUIST leaders also cared about the life and study of International Students. NUIST leaders came to the dining room and presented at the New Year Celebration for international students. President Li Beiqun, on behalf of the NUIST expressed the spring festival good wishes for them and wished them a good health, a progress in learning and a happy family. They also handed out the gifts for the students. They all cheered up to welcome the new year.


Visited the students staying at campus


Visited Medical Center


Visited Monitoring Center


The working staff received the bonus


 Handed out the gifts for the students