【Lens of Poetry】 NUISTer's Winter Shopping List



NUISTer's winter shopping list.

Isn't it a weather forecast from experts in Qixiang Lou (气象楼),

That made us ready with jackets that overflows like mian tiao (面条)?

Like scavengers on Jack Ma's Taobao,

NUISTers getting busy with winter shopping to embrace the snow,

Trying to invade the snow like magma flow.



NUISTer's winter shopping list.

With such a weather so delightful,

Even if the freezing cold becomes frightful,

But everyone looks around and appears thankful,

This is an environment that makes a NUISTer insightful.

And becomes a' kuaid' (快递) guy who runs on the snow like a sprinter,

In his hand holding a shopping list for the winter.

Taking a break from reading research papers from Springer.


NUISTer's shopping list.

To the shops NUISTers have sent me,

Laoban (老板) listen carefully I bend my knee.

NUISTers are shopping for snow glasses,

They no longer see a need for sunglasses.

They also ask for more thick Jeans,

When it’s cold no one cares about looking skinny.

Please send them vacuum flask bottles,

Chinese tea has become a winter fashion  for NUISTers.


NUISTers are shopping for hand gloves like plumbers,

I don't know how they open books to study,

When hands are frozen it’s easier to click on PPTs.

They no longer need hard copies of books, sell them soft copies.

NUIST's footballers want a parcel of snow boots,

They no longer play football but foot snow.


Many are shopping for scarfs for their snow men.

Even though some have turned themselves to snowmen.

Lastly, also send us copies of The Governance of China Volume 2,

NUISTers desire to read President Xi Jinping's book this winter holiday,

They want to understand the beautiful Chinese dream.

And if you visit NUIST in winter,

And see the art built from snow,

You will think that you are in Harbin.






Author: Edwin 陶艾德Tadeyo

Photographers: Fajar Irwansyah, Calyn Kuntary, Edwin 陶艾德Tadeyo, Misiani Zachary

Reviewer: Kenny Lim Kam Siam

Layout: Calyn Kuntary

Editor: Geraldi C Pamuji