【Event】NUIST Winter Marathon


In the days leading up to the much anticipated 2017 China Mobile Cup NUIST Winter Marathon, all NUISTers were psyched up towards the very enticing and entertaining event, as it had always been in the previous years.

On Sunday, December 3rd 2017, the China Mobile Cup NUIST Winter Marathon which is organized annually by the NUIST Sports Department and fully sponsored by China Mobile was held on NUIST campus.


Besides the highly competitive nature of this event, it also proves to be one of the most patronized events in the NUIST community which comes amidst lots of fun, cheers, and special moments.

The event had athletes from each of the twenty colleges of NUIST and the College of International Students (NUIST) was represented by 60 of its members comprising of 21 females and 39 males. On the event day, CIS started preparations very early in the morning with the checking of athletes’ names, providing them with all the necessary gears as well as some snacks.

Marathon Design

This year’s edition had two routes, a 7 km route and a 4 km route. The 7 km route consisted of two short laps of 1.5 kilometers followed by one long lap of 4 kilometers to be finished within a stipulated time of 1.5 hours. On the other hand, the 4 kilometer route consisted of one short lap followed by one long lap to terminate the race where it started in front of the Reading Academy building, which is located on the East Campus of the university.

The race started exactly at 2:00 pm. The marathon course began in front of the Reading Academy building, passed in front of the Meteorology building and under the overhead bridge, and then continued towards the Mingde Building via a small roundabout towards the Teacher’s Canteen area. It then led the runners pass the Confucius statue. Next was a slight turn to the right onto Students Dormitory #2 and #3, which dropped down to the NUIST Meteorology Station over a distance of 500 meters from dormitory #2 to reach the first lap at Bingjiang Playground. This first lap is the longest straight stretch in the race, about 4 km.

All the competitors surprisingly started really fast, however, during the second and the final thirds of the race, the veterans were separated from the other participants as the formers widened the gap and finished the race. Throughout the race, there were some honorable moments that deserved to be mentioned: there were some competitors who helped each other towards the finish line and there were also several kids that were inspired by the athletes and ran a few miles which was so cute and worth watching.


All participants who finished within the stipulated time of 90 minutes were also awarded with a medal, certificate, and gifts by the CIS Department whereas the top 10 finalists in the two distances for both male and female categories, were awarded with cash prizes, a medal and a certificate by NUIST. Below is the list of the top 10 athletes:


CIS 1st, NUIST 4th, Osei Emmanuel Asiedu (00:15:25)

CIS 2nd, NUIST 13th, Kisaija Oscar (00:16:55)

CIS 3rd, NUIST 19th, Musaazi Godfrey (00:17:26)

CIS 4th, NUIST 28th, Kwakye Bernard (00:17:44)

CIS 5th, NUIST 33rd, Islam Shadejul (00:18:07)

CIS 6th, NUIST 35th, Diallo Thierno Oumar (00:18:14)

CIS 7th, NUIST 38th, Diallo Amadou Tely (00:18:28)

CIS 8th, NUIST 46th, Youla Cheick Souleymane (00:18:53)

CIS 9th, NUIST 60th, Mwai Zacharia Njoroge (00:19:36)

CIS 10th, NUIST 66th, Sossipatrov Bogdan (00:19:46)


CIS 1st, NUIST 3rd, Mbonihankuye Scholas (00:18:53)

CIS 2nd, NUIST 4th, Shashmurina Elena (00:19:07)

CIS 3rd, NUIST 8th, Dyu Irina (00:20:29)

CIS 4th, NUIST 31st, Kuvanova Indira (00:22:34)

CIS 5th, NUIST 94th, Cheslyar Marta (00:24:48)

CIS 6th, NUIST 156th, Tigay Alexandra (00:26:43)

CIS 7th, NUIST 184th, Longley Olivia Crystal (00:27:27)

CIS 8th, NUIST 192nd, Sattarkhnova Ainura (00:27:46)

CIS 9th, NUIST 202nd, Lee Jinju (00:28:08)

CIS 10th, NUIST 224th, Shakeyeva Diana (00:29:03)

7 KM Race


CIS 1st, NUIST 2nd, Kabtih Abebe Kiflie (00:25:00)

CIS 2nd, NUIST 4th, Misiani Zachary Mwambi (00:26:02)

CIS 3rd, NUIST 5th, Taourirt Mohammed (00:26:31)

CIS 4th, NUIST 6th, Kerkar Ahmed (00:27:00)

CIS 5th, NUIST 18th, Hakizimana Giovanni Baptiste (00:29:21)

CIS 6th, NUIST 21st, Nkunzimana Athanase (00:29:32)

CIS 7th, NUIST 48th, Babaousmail Hassen (00:31:27)

CIS 8th, NUIST 83rd, Akzhanov Yerzhanat (00:33:02)

CIS 9th, NUIST 188th, Sherkulov Javlonbek (00:37:17)

CIS 10th, NUIST 196th, Kamoto Kondwani Michael (00:37:34)


CIS 1st, NUIST 3rd, Mukhametzhanova Nargiza (00:32:28)

CIS 2nd, NUIST 17th, Skliueva Irina (00:39:15)

CIS 3rd, NUIST 71st, Chaila Apinya (00:44:42)

All in all, CIS members would like to congratulate all the athletes who participated and the winners in particular. Thank you all for your contribution to the success of the marathon.

Authors: El Mehdi Mouaffaq, Emmanuel Osei Asied & Yaquelin Lopez

Photographers: Annif & Dircata

Reviewer: Isaac Kwesi Nooni

Layout: Manuel Lekarri

Editor: Nuako Frimpong-Kwabena (Kobby)