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Chinese culture has an extensive and deep history, and begins from immemorial time. Thus, from this rich history of Chinese culture we can notice such sections:

1. Traditional literature

2. Culture of holidays

3. Culture of Chinese opera

4. Architectural culture

5. Folk craft

6. The culture of martial arts

7. Culture of food and cooking

8. Morals and customs of peoples

9.Culture of localities


We are the DongYouJigroup (东游记- "Journey to the East"), and we invite you to study Chinese culture with us! Soletus start with calligraphy. As we might all know, the Chinese writing —characters, is the carrier of history, even more famous as a symbol of world culture. This has excited many foreign friends with intense interest on how towrite with a brush, how to paint beautiful characters. Next, let us together start the calligraphy! After all, this is a wordless verse, a shapeless dance,a planless picture, and a mute muse!


On November 17, the DongYouJi group invited members of the China Calligraphy Painting and Photography Association (CCPP Association) of NUIST, to explain the basics of calligraphy to international students in the Reading building S207. The students, sitting in a circle, holding brushes in their hands, enjoyed the calligraphy lessons and it did not matter whether Chinese or foreigner, the whole session was very interesting to all.


The Calligraphy activity is a joint project of Dong YouJi activity group and CCPP Association.This activity is scheduled to be held every week on Friday at 3:30 PM in Reading building S207.

So guys, see you there and then!

Author: Yerzhanat 阿宝, 李琪琰, Arman 阿曼

Photographer: Antonio Vieri Indrajaya, Muhamad Jemadi

Reviewer: Williams Dannah

Layout: Calyn Kuntary

Editor: Isaac Kwesi Nooni