【Lens of Poetry】Bookworms/书呆子(shudaizi)


Is it the search for wisdom and fun?

Wisdom so delicious than 'jipai fan',

Is it the search for precious knowledge?

Knowledge hidden in libraries at college,

Is there some hidden energy in childhood porridge?

That shines a breed of bookworms like polish.

A breed of scholars with extra studying powers,

Powers to keep them reading for extra hours.



Nothing can stop a bookworm from the love of books,

Like fish on a hook, bookworms hang around their books.

Like a tourist and camera so is a book and a bookworm.

To combat sleep, a deadly enemy to late night study,

Bookworms can tie their hair to the roof,

Or poke themselves with sharp objects,

Sun Jing (孙敬) and Su Qin (苏秦) of Han dynasty are the proof.

Sun Kang (孙康) was another bookworm,

Who studied using light reflected by winter snow.

Kuang Heng (匡衡) of Han dynasty,

Studied from neighbor's light through a hole,

A hole that he bore in the wall,

Che Yin (车胤) was a reputable bookworm of Jin dynasty,

He was the genius who wrapped fireflies in a cloth as a lamp.

Confucius the great scholar,

Studied the book of changes ‘yijing’ numerous times,

To the point of breaking its strings three times.



The brain of a bookworm is like ‘baidu’,

They seem to hold every clue,

Clues leading to the satisfaction of their curiosity.

They study with speed and direction like velocity.

They know the answer before the question is asked,

They come to rescue classmates when they are panicked,

They provide the book author, the page and font size used.

Bookworms are the reason why teachers comes to class well prepared.



Modern bookworms have turned into webworms,

They lock themselves in computer labs like rats in a maze.

They keep links to useful websites,

Like how I keep coupons to restaurants.

They hold the codes of computer languages,

Like cards of a poker game.

Among international students you can find webworms

Richard and Waheed are among them.

Daniel, Prof Hero and Kenny are also webworms.

Bookworms tell me,

What is the most important book you have read?

Is it a life changing book?


Author: Edwin陶艾德 Tadeyo

Image Source: The Internet

Reviewer: Kenny Lim Kam Siam

Layout: Calyn Kuntary

Editor: Isaac Kwesi Nooni