【Poem】The 19th CPC National Congress



Have you noticed a swam of airplanes flying to Beijing?

Planes like birds in formation approaching the north?

Trains rolling fast towards the Chinese capital?

They are all carrying delegates to the 19th CPC national congress.

Officials from 40 electoral units coming together in union,

Like choir voices echoing togetherness in unison.

A total of 2,280 delegates coordinating in oneness.

Representing citizens from all walks of life.

From the highest profession to the lowest grassroots,

Symbolizing solidarity of one big nation well governed.

It is a wonderful moment and great feeling for everyone in this nation,

Relax, lean on the chair for there is a lot to learn.

Just drink a cup of green tea as we observe in silence,

This is a poetic reflection on the CPC national congress.

Communist Party of China is the full name.

Rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the core agenda.


You are wondering at how this concerns you as a foreigner?

Look around and see the peace and safety we are enjoying,

The wonderful education we are swimming in,

The stable economy we are benefiting from,

The health facilities we are lavished upon,

The abundant food in the “shitang“,

The convenient transportation to and from anywhere.

The good international relations that are promoted here,

Allowing foreign friends to flourish like autumn flowers.

They are all fruits from decisions made at such like congress.

All for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Bring some popcorn to chew as we talk,

Listen to the national anthem as it is sung.

Watch the majestic entry of the party’s secretary general,

President XI JINPING, the visionary and a humble leader.

The champion of Chinese dream himself,

He prioritizes the needs of the people above all things.

Drawing the blueprint from Marx-Lenin ideology,

Evoking the thoughts of Chairman, Mao Zedong,

and putting into practice Deng Xiaoping theory.

Listen to the words of victory and hope as he gives the report,

A flash back to the 18th CPC national congress.

See the delegates applauding him, clapping hands in agreement.

So much has already been achieved but there is more to come.

Whether in tough times or in times of strength,

Whether in prosperity or adversity,

The CCP vows to continue the hard work,

In order to keep overcoming struggles,

Keep raising the economic status of the people,

Making education as a priority,

And protecting the environment among others.

Mission calls for responsibility, mission leads to the future.

People have faith, tribes have hope and the nation has power.

All for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



Author: Edwin 陶艾德 Tadeyo

Images Source: Xinhua

Reviewer: Isaac Kwesi Nooni

Layout: Geraldi C Pamuji

Editor: Isaac Kwesi Nooni