【Article】Freshmen Experience


As the journey set off from your mind and the decision to attend one of the respectable universities in China; Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.


We welcome you to the world of freedom from your parents but not from the experience you will obtain during your stay in China. The task of getting to the university has also been difficult as some student got lost; worry not because teachers and old students who volunteered to pick you up waited till midnight so as to help you at the airport and reduce the difficulty for you getting to the university. Dorm manageress also awaited long hours to find you a place for you to sleep.


Remember, it is also a learning experience while embarking upon the next phase of your education. The first few weeks on campus are extremely important for all new students. Prepare your mind to study because that is the reason you are here.


If I may, salute fellow members of the class of 2017 into the university, it is the beginning of your journey towards the attainment of your dreams in NUIST.


As you all know, the typical story of a freshman is to do his registration and officially become part of the institution. Don’t worry much if you don’t know how to do your registration, we have both students and teachers volunteers who are willing to assist you throughout.


However, if you get lost anywhere, just scan and have the CIS guide on your phone and it will lead you to any destination you want on campus.


And indeed our university is based right inside Nanjing city and we have different sub-cultures and values. Obey the rules and regulations of the university as well as the country.


There are always events going on around campus, attend them and have fun. Take advantage of the free services on campus and use your professors. When you have questions do not be afraid to ask and start building a relationship with them because if they see you are trying hard and still struggling, they will be more willing to help you get through it.


Our bold promise to you is that by the time you graduate, you will be ready to take your place among your community. Your personal journey to greatness starts here in NUIST!


Author: Robert Brenya

Reviewer: Candy Cai & Summer Wang

Layout: Geraldi C. Pamuji

Editor: Nuako - Frimpong Kwabena (Kobby)