Regulations on Curriculum and Qualifications for International PhD Candidates


The regulations are formulated for the purpose of strengthening the cultivation work and improving the cultivation quality of international PhD students on the basis of Regulations on Academic Degrees of the People’s Republic of China, Interim Measures on the Regulations on Academic Degrees of the People’s Republic of China, Regulations on Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Conferment, relevant documents on cultivating international master and PHD students issued by the State Education Committee and the specific situations of the university.

I. Cultivation Objectives

1. To observe laws and regulations, to cultivate good virtues and to form a rigorous style of study.

2. To master the solid and comprehensive fundamental theories and the systematic and in-depth expertise of the discipline; to have the ability to do independent scientific researches and make innovative achievements in science and technology.

3. To build a strong body.

II. Study Duration

The study duration for international PHD students is three to four years.

International students can apply to extend the study duration in consideration of the need of research in the university and shall pay tuition and accommodation fees during the extended study period, and the longest time for study is eight years. The application should firstly be approved by the supervisor and the school, and then approved by the Graduate School and kept as a record by College of International Students. If international students are able to finish their study ahead of time, they can graduate half a year earlier with the approval of the Graduate School and College of International Students. 

III. Cultivation Method

The cultivation of international PhD students is implemented by the tutorial system. Another professor can be chosen as the assistant supervisor or some professors and associate professors can form a team of instructors in order to help and guide students. 

Within one year since the date of entry, PhD students can apply for changing the supervisor if the selected topic is not in accordance with the supervisor’s research orientation. The application shall be firstly approved with the signatures from both the original supervisor and the new supervisor and then ratified by the Graduate School. Students are not allowed to change the supervisor one year after the date of entry.

IV. Cultivation Program and Plan

The disciplines and majors that enroll international PhD students shall stipulate the cultivation program for them. It includes: (1) study orientation; (2) requirement of credits; (3) curriculum; (4) required part. 

The cultivation program should be stipulated by the sub-committee of the academic degree evaluation and approved and executed by the Graduate School and College of International Students.

The personal cultivation plan should be stipulated by students themselves under the guide of the supervisor according to the cultivation program of the major. It includes: (1) study orientation; (2) courses and subjects in study plan and the schedule; (3) academic activities and practices; (4) tentative dissertation topic. The plan shall be ratified by the dean of the school to which the students are affiliated and submitted to the Graduate School for the record within three months since the date of entry.

V. Requirement of Credits for Doctoral Degree

Students shall get at least 24 credits, including:

1. at least 20 course credits, which include 12 credits for degree courses and the rest for elective courses

2. two credits for dissertation proposal

3. two credits for academic activities and practices

VI. Curriculum Study

The public courses and the specialized courses for international PhD students are as follows:

Course Name Course Nature Credit

China Overview         Degree course 4

Basic Chinese Degree course 3

Second Foreign Language         Elective course         2

Specialized Courses         Degree courses      6-8

Other Elective Courses Elective courses      4-6

Interdisciplinary Course Elective course          2

VII. Curriculum Management

The management of the curriculum of international PhD students is implemented with reference to The Provisional Management Measures concerning Teaching and Teaching Affairs of Postgraduates in NUIST. 

VIII. Required Part

1. Dissertation Proposal

International PhD students shall work on the dissertation independently under the guide of the supervisor. Students should read and defend the dissertation proposal in front of the audit group that consists of five to seven professors or the staff with the equivalent professional title. Specialists from other units are welcome to work as members of the audit group. Afterwards, the audit group shall propose the resolution of revision or pass. The dissertation proposal that needs revising should be defended again after two months. After the deliberations of the audit group, the student whose dissertation proposal fails will be asked to withdraw from the university and granted the study certificate.

2. Academic Activities

International PhD students shall deliver at least one public academic report that lasts over one hour (the dissertation proposal excluded) during the work on the dissertation, and the report shall be evaluated by the supervisor and the school to which students are affiliated. In addition, students shall attend at least five academic activities, including academic lectures, academic conferences, teaching competitions and scientific and technological competitions on campus or out of campus. Students shall fill in The Record of Academic Activities of NUIST Postgraduates and receive the credit after the supervisor’s verification. 

IX. Dissertation

1. In principle, international PhD students shall publish at least one academic paper in a journal of first-class or higher level or at least two academic papers in core journals with NUIST as the first author’s institute. The PHD student should either be the first author or the second author when the supervisor is the first. 

2. The dissertation format refers to Format of NUIST Postgraduates’ Dissertation.

3. The dissertation and its defense can be done in Chinese or English. If the dissertation is written in English, its abstract must be in Chinese.

4. Other details of the dissertation are the same as Chinese students.

X. Schedule of Cultivation

1. The supervisor and the students stipulate the cultivation plan within 2 weeks since the date of entry.

2. Finish all the courses and get requested credits from the first to third semesters.

3. Finish the topic selection and the dissertation proposal before the end of the fourth semester.

4. Finish the trial defense before the end of the fifth semester.

5. Finish the dissertation defense in the sixth semester.

XI. Others

The university shall grant international students the degree certificate uniformly printed by the office of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, including the degree certificate in Chinese and its translation version in English. The degree certificate and the graduation certificate of international students and Chinese students are equally authentic.