Provisional Measures on Bachelor’s Degree Conferment on International Students


Article 1 The provisional measures are stipulated for the purpose of developing the international education in the university and further standardizing the bachelor’s degree conferment on international students according to the Interim Measures on the Regulations on Academic Degrees of the People’s Republic of China, Provisional Measures for Degree Conferment on International Students in Chinese Higher Education Institutions by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and Regulations on Bachelor’s Degree Conferment in NUIST.

Article 2 Bachelor’s degree can only be conferred in the bachelor’s specialties that are authorized to confer the degree on international students who are qualified for graduation.

Article 3 Basic conditions for bachelor’s degree conferment: 

1. Be politically friendly to China and abide by Chinese laws and regulations and the regulations of the university.

2. Study and pass relevant courses according to the teaching plan of undergraduate programs, get required credits and complete the dissertation.

3. Students shall pass the required course of China Overview. Students are exempt from the courses of College Chinese, College English, Marxist philosophy, ideological and political education as well as Military Theory. 

Article 4 Bachelor’s degree cannot be conferred in any of the following situations: 

1. Students got the disciplinary penalties of demerit, probation and expulsion.

2. Students failed in China Overview.

3. Students have not met the requirement of graduation.

Article 5 Bachelor’s degree is only conferred upon graduation. No make-up conferment. 

Article 6 The procedures of conferring bachelor’s degree are as follows:

1. Each school examines the academic grades and graduation materials of the undergraduates and fills in the Name List of Graduates Applying for Bachelor’s Degree for students who are qualified. After it is approved by the Sub-committee of Academic Degree Evaluation of the school and signed by the chairman of the sub-committee, the list will be reported to College of International Students.. After all the lists are collected, the college shall submit them to the Academic Affairs Office of the university. 

2. The Academic Affairs Office shall collect and examine the degree conferment applications and submit them to the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee for approval.

3. After a resolution of conferment has been adopted by the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the university with the signature of the president of the committee, the university shall confer bachelor’s degree on qualified graduates and award them the certificates of bachelor’s degree.  

Article 7 The certificate of Bachelor’s degree is in Chinese.

Article 8 The measures shall be enacted upon the release. The Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the university authorizes College of International Students to interpret the measures.