【Event】14th Int. Seminar on Climate Systems & Climate Change


Climate change is real. So is the devastating effect of climate change. The people’s Republic of China, knowing the devastating effect of climate and understanding the consequences if nothing was done to reduce the impact of climate change. China is among one of the leading countries spear heading the efforts to reduce gas emissions through the famous Paris agreement. As a result, the country has created significant awareness to the climate change phenomenon through design of educational curricula, conferences, seminars, to mention a few. One platform of disseminating such crucial information of climate is annual conference organized by the China Meteorological Administration.

This year's conference was held in the small city of Zhuhai which is located in the southern part of Guangdong Province of China. The conference was held for two weeks during which world renowned as well as eminent experts in the field of climate science in the likes of Prof Thomas Stocker, Prof Stefano, Prof Jeremy Prof Lee took turns to deliver lectures on various topics about climate change including but not limited to the role of Ocean in the CC process, Climate modeling and Tropical Cyclones.

Nanjing University of Information Science and the Technology which is ranked as the best university in the field of atmospheric science was fully represented by a group of promising student scientist including Sir Isaac, Kenny, Sir Oluseyi (all PhD Students), Mr. Athanase, Ms. Marietta, Mr. Zachary, Ms. Mavis and Mr. Mustapha (all Masters students).

Caring Laoshi Rose and Laoshi Caroline were the two competent teachers who attended the conference with us. Other Chinese students from Nuist who were also in attendance includes Jane, Angela, Sarah and the very energetic Vicky.

By the end of the conference most of students besides grabbing some knowledge about climate change, explored the length and breadth of Zhuhai City visiting interesting Places like the yearly Island, the Mangrove Forest, the Huitong Village among others.

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The Visit to Macau

Zhuhai is a city which shares border with the small Island city of Macau, on Saturday the 16th July some of the international students visited Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia.

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Our Personal Assistant

Ms. Wen and Mr. Chris were attached to assist and guide us thought our stay in the conference and they did an excellent Job so when the time came for her to celebrate her birthday  on the 19th of July, all international students came together to help her celebrate in most memorable manner.

The Fun and Socializing

This conference offered an opportunity for me to see the other side of some of CIS finest students for examples the likes of Mr Kenny Lim who hitherto has been viewed by me as too formal, Yes Kenny  Dr Isaac and Dr Oluseyi all can be fun to be with, just wait for such an opportunity and you will affirm this fact. We also took the advantage to make news friends among the about two hundred participants in attendance.

The Conference came to an end on Friday, 21st July where Mr. SUN YUAN the main Organizer of the event declared after student’s groups have made presentation about their experiences during the conference.

All students were rewarded certificates of participation. NUISTER Mustapha won an outstanding student award as well as some souvenirs.

Author: Mustapha Adamu

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