【Event】Farewell Party and 2nd Anniversary of INA



Having lived on the lovely campus of NUIST for some years in order to pursue their academic dreams, now is a time of Joy as their hardwork have brought forth fruits of success. In celebration of our Indonesian country mates who graduated this year, the Indonesian NUIST Association (INA), on Friday 23rd June, 2017, held a family event on the 3rd floor of Beimen Canteen which was sponsored by 巨百餐饮.  This annual event serves as an avenue for celebrating the graduating heroes and this year’s edition which was themed "Forever Young" was combined with INA's 2nd Anniversary celebration which coincidentally happens to be on June 16th of each year. The event was attended by all Indonesian students at NUIST as well as invited guests representating PPIT Nanjing, PIN, and KIN.


The event started with a prayer by Mr. Frans Adhy Pranatha which was followed by a line-up of events with Ms. Maharani serving as the MC of the day.  Mr. Tommy, the chairman of the event who led preparations for the entire program with INA officials within 2 weeks, gave an opening speech.   

The event continued with a warm welcome by the chairman of PPIT Nanjing, Mr. Aris Munandar and chairman of KIN, Mr. Metri Anjasuma.


With her melodious voice and coupled with the fantastic skills of DJ Quoami, the place was brought alive as Ms. Aliya sang Rihanna’s song, Diamonds.

Graduating students were given the opportunity to reminisce the moment they stepped feet on NUIST land, the friends they made and now the achievements and knowledge they have acquired. To give them an insightful flashback, a compiled video of some of these moments was played to them.


Souvenirs and flowers were presented to the graduates as they were given the opportunity to share messages of their impressions during their study at NUIST.  

In one accord, INA officials presented a video of INA’s 2nd Anniversary and a warm welcome message was delivered by the chairperson of INA, Ms. Rosalia Fitriana.  All INA executives were invited on stage to make their wishes and say prayers for INA, after which they all blew the candles together. 


In the end, the MC said a closing prayer and the last session of the event was dinner with all the participants. Finally, the entire INA family took some beautiful group photographs for the purpose of refreshing memories in the future.

Author: Dwi Maharani

Photographer: Aktortifan R. P.

Reviewer: Williams Dannah

Layout: Mohammad Danial

Editor: Nuako - Frimpong Kwabena (Kobby)