CESS Website & Graphic Design Training


Sometimes we forget that the internet is so much more than just social media. In the days of the early web, developers weren't simply consumers - they *made* the web! Those early pioneers nspired millions of people to join the movement.

Today, it's easier than ever to make things on the web

Do you know how to create a webpage?

How to make it look good, attractive?

Which tools can you use to do that? 

How can HTML, CSS, JavaScript help you to achieve that?

What are tags use for?

Well,then you've come to the right place! For the past 6 weeks, CESS has been conducting a Website & Graphic Design training course to answer all those questions.

The program provided students with basic information about web development, using the "big three" languages - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Before I proceed, let a breast ourselves with some basic knowledge first:

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard mark up language for creating web pages and web applications. With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript it forms a triad of corner stone technologies for the World Wide Web.

Graphic design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. 


Mr.Taylor in charge of our first session on HTML.


老师 Participants were listening!


Yeah, my friend…first session wasn’t so easy :-( 

3.webp (1).jpg

Mr.Quoami conducting the Graphic Design session using Adobe Photoshop.

Do you recognize the model on the screen? We used his picture as an example for editing!


Mr. Francis conducting the CSS practice session.


CSS Training! Daxelle: need to write the codes down now….


Kang: We are having some progress,right?


Youcef showing us his webpage onthe final day!



Take your first step to a new hobby - or career -  in web development!

Keep practicing and developing upon the skills you have acquired! 天天向上!

Special thanks to our trainers, Taylor,  Quoami and Francis, for these amazing sessions and to all of those who made this possible!

Authors: Willy Lima

Photographer: Willy Lima

Reviewer: Isaac Kwesi Nooni

Editor: Calyn Kuntary