Last week’s NISFOOT tournament was amazing with interesting and ridiculous situations. Most of the players were with wounds and our fascinating committee always busy with their preparations and support.


As usual, I am going to talk about some of the best players during last week’s tournament. The first game, which was between NUIST GUNNERS and The HUMBLES ended with a score of 2:3 in favor of The HUMBLES.


The man of the match was Mr. Lesti from The HUMBLES team. Lesti is a first year Bachelors student from Ghana studying International Economy and Trade. He loves football and he is very good at playing it. Lesti’s favorite team is the Manchester United.

Mr. Bwalya from Zambia came out as the best goal keeper during this match. Bwalya is studying Meteorology and he has a unique skill in goal keeping. His favorite team is the Arsenal.

Mr. James, a hard-working player from Dominica was the best defender. James is a Masters student studying Applied Meteorology and he is also a fun of the Manchester United team.

The best midfielder was Mr. Nabil from the NUIST Gunners. Nabil is an amazing player from Morocco and his favorite team is the Wydad Casablanca, a football team from his country.



The next game was between the Power Rangers and the Spikes, which ended 3:2 in favor of the Power Rangers. The man of the match was the Mr. Faustin from the Power rangers. He is a Bachelors student studying International Economy and Trade. Faustin’s hobby is football and his favorite team is Chelsea.


The third game which was between the Lions Nine and Legends ended with a score of 5:3. This match was very exciting. Amine was the best player of this match. Amine is one of the best players in the NISFOOT tournament. He had a good day and played very well.



The best striker of the game was Mr. Zain from Sudan. Zain scored two wonderful goals during the match. He studies Language Foundation and he believes that Chinese language will be very popular in the near future.

The next game was between the pretty ladies.

Serenity and Phoenix played the first game which ended with 1:0 as score.


Miss Suelly was the best player of this match. Suelly said she loves everything about football and always tries her best to improve her playing skills. She also said, “When I am playing football I don't think about anything but the game and when I got the chance for that free kick, I did what I know best, which is to shoot the ball straight into the goal post”. Suelly was excited for the team's first victory.


I wish all the wonderful players in the NISFOOT tournament all the best and good luck in their next matches.


Authors: Sattarkhanova Ainura

Photographer: Darlington

Reviewer: Fleischer Lodd Clifford

Editor: Mohammad Danial